Gear To Bring For Your Fly Fishing Adventure

Idaho Fly FishingClothing and Personal Gear

Wapiti Meadow provides all housing needs for comfortable lodging except for personal gear such as: clothing,toiletries, rain gear and fishing licenses. There is some fishing gear for rent and some flies to purchase under our Orvis Dealer business. Above all, dress for comfort with casual attire. As in all mountain country, weather can change quickly and dramatically; so it's best to be prepared with clothing you can layer.

Specialty Equipment

For novices equipment is available for rent with previous arrangement.

If our guests want to bring their own equipment, this is what we recommend:

  • Rod: Any 3-6 weight, 7-9 foot rod is sufficient for our trout fishing. Bring your break down pack rod if you own one. Your guide will carry an extra rod for you to try when angling.
  • Reel: single action with floating fly line. A weight forward fly line eases casting on windy days.
    Breathable Chest Waders: These are a must, so don't forget them.2-4 MM neoprene waders are best. Boots with felt soles help you to keep your footing.
  • Fishing Vest: any old thing will do! store your gadgets, flies, and leaders in your vest.
    Backpack: To carry your gear when traveling, riding, or hiking to a fishing area.
  • Ballcap
  • Raingear
  • Insect Repellant

Fly Fishing Recommendations

The following flies are recommended for local fishing:

Dry Flies
Adams   12, 14, 16
Pale Evening Dun   14, 16
Royal Wulff 14, 16
Yellow or Red Humpy   14, 16
Tan & Olive Elk Hair Caddis   12, 14, 16
Irresistable   14, 16
Black Ant   16
Dave's Hopper   8, 10, 12
Nymphs & Streamers
Gold-Rib Hares Ear   12, 14, 16
Bead Head Caddis   12, 14
Prince Nymph (Wtd)   10, 12
Muddler Minnow   6, 8, 10
Wolly Bugger   6, 8, 10