Wapiti Meadow Ranch History

Idaho Fly Fishing LodgeWith the discovery in 1994 of a cache of six thousand year old tools, the history of Wapiti Meadow and the knowledge of human habitation in the mountains of Idaho has been extended by millennia. This major archaeological find has spawned a series of "digs" at the ranch by trained professionals who are piecing together the life patterns of these first Americans, ancestors of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs.

For thousands of years the mystique of the valley has attracted adventurous men and women; Indians, miners, trappers and homesteaders. In the early 1920's a gold-seeking homesteader sold his stake to Clark Cox. He and his wife, Beulah bought the homestead and with the help of their son Lafe, built the grand log and stone lodge. Thus began one of the first dude ranches of the Northwest. In the five decades that followed, the ranch grew steadily and became a warm and welcoming vacation retreat.

The main lodge and many outbuildings were hand-hewn by the cox family in the late 1920's and renovated and refurbished in the 1990's by Diana and Barry: Bryant current onwer/manager. Upon retirement, Lafe and his wife Emma sold The Old Cox Dude Ranch. Now completely renovated, Diana added the amenities that made it into the ultimate wilderness retreat.

A 21st century experience in a 19th century setting.