Idaho Wildlife

No matter what time of year you visit Wapiti Meadow Ranch in Idaho, there is always abundant wildlife to witness. In June, the migrating Monarch butterfly returns to the north country by the thousands, clustering around puddles of water and the edges of our stocked trout ponds.  In July and August, blue Damsel fly season turns the fringes of the pond a brilliant, iridescent blue and lunker cutthroat trout are found under the bridge.

In later summer, the raptors are most viewable around the ranch, with Bald and Golden Eagles, numerous varieties of hawks, Osprey and Owls searching our meadows for small game to feed their young. In late August, the Salmon return to Johnson Creek spawning beds. Awe-inspiring moose are found in the high mountain lakes in summer and along Johnson Creek in winter.

There is no shortage of elk at the ranch, with cows grazing and calving in spring, and bulls bugling in September. Mule deer spend their time at the salt licks all spring and summer. Otters play in the river, and the geese arrive in early spring. Several species of duck are plentiful all summer in the various rivers, lakes and ponds near the ranch. And, grouse can be seen navigating through the woods - ruffled and blue.