Idaho Sightseeing

Salmon River, Idaho WildernessThe Salmon River Mountains offer spectacular vistas and panoramic views that can be enjoyed on foot or driving sightseeing excursions from the ranch. Ghost towns and prospector's digs, high mountain passes and lush meadows, rushing waters and sun dappled trails offer sightseers unlimited 'eye candy'.

Guests can have sightseeing adventures along trails and backcountry roads that lead to placid high-mountain lakes teeming with Rainbow or Cutthroat trout, or the occasional populations of the rare Golden Trout. In addition there is the opportunity for historic site tours, wildlife and wildflower expeditions, or any combination that you desire.

Four wheel drive vehicles (ATVs and UTVs) allow guests to explore the old mining town of Cinnabar and high, view-providing peaks at Monumental, Thunder Mountain, and the Summit Ridge will have the largest Wilderness area in the in the Lower 48 layed out at your feet.  While the wildflowers are in full bloom at the ranch in the Johnson Creek Valley in June, those same flowers will form a colorful carpet in the alpine meadows in late July and early August, as Spring advances up to the summits of the Salmon River Range.

The lush carpet of wild, blue lupine in the meadows at the apogee of the Thunder Mountain Road in late July is spectacular 'eye candy', to be absorbed along with the history of the old pack and wagon road that led to the last great gold rush in the West.  In woodlands climbing to that summit as well as Monumental, and Ditch Creek there will be profusions of Indian Paintbrush, Scarlet Gilia, columbine and Bear Grass mingling with the delicate lupine.