Idaho Photography

Idaho WildflowersThere's an infinite number of backcountry wildlife subjects to capture on film. Amateurs and professionals alike have found Wapiti Meadow to be a photographers paradise with abundant wildlife, wildflowers, and wildwaters in summer and spectacular mountain scenery in all seasons of the year.

Guests photograph elk and mule deer right in Wapiti's meadow or drinking along Johnson Creek in early summer and again during the 'rut', or mating season in the early fall.  You can capture moose in your viewfinder during mid-summer at Riordan or Rainbow, both high-mountain lakes within walking distance from nearby trailheads. Moose are also commonly found hunkered down in a snowdrift, hidden in the heavy timber lining Johnson Creek in the winter.  A photography buff can catch a picture of the nocturnal wolves or wily coyotes if they are very persistent, but it's worth the effort, even if you only hear them howl.

Our local black bear, often cinnamon in color, will never be confused with the locally non-existent larger, humped-backed grizzly.  Photographers can capture a picture of them in late August and early September along one of our local streams when the dying Salmon provide sustenance for their long winter hibernation.  The rare, spawning Chinook Salmon are a feast in the eyes of a polarized lens, crystal clear in the sparkling waters of Johnson Creek.